The Meaning of Our Name and Logo

Into The SunsetSunset

A sunset is present for only a brief period of a day. Since it does not last long, it becomes special. If sunsets were four hours each day, we would not acknowledge them quite like we do. Sunsets fall into the category of every day occurrences that are still considered rare - much like when we lose someone close to us. Whether a human or pet companion, we know that loss occurs daily in our world, yet it feels rare when it happens to us.

Sunset leads to night. When we lose someone, we enter a period of grief and mourning. Sunset is the time that prepares us for this "night."


Of all the Lily varieties, the Casablanca Lily is best associated with celebration. Thus, it is the perfect representation of Into the Sunset. We are about celebrating the lives that impacted so many. We are about how to live during the process of dying. The flower also symbolizes my beloved Lily, and the grace and dignity she possessed to the very end.

Sacred Geometry

There is a concept in many philosophies and religions called "Sacred Geometry" or "Divine Geometry". Practiced by greats like Michelangelo, we see this "divine geometry" all around us. It can be found in a nautilus shell, the spiral of an aloe plant, or the hexagonal shape of honeycombs.

This geometry has historically been used in special places: temples, churches and sacred outdoor spaces. It is frequently seen in classic works of art. The Lily flower features this sacred geometry.

Our logo honors and embodies Lily’s spirit, while the sunset represents her transition. The divine geometry represents the place of healing that we hope to provide. The colors represent those that we so admire in a beautiful, serene sunset as the day transitions to night.