Staff of Into The Sunset Pet Transition Center

california pet loss servicesVivianne Villanueva, Owner and Founder

Certified Pet Loss Provider, Pet Loss and Grief Companioning Certified

Vivianne is the proud owner of Into the Sunset. Her experience working for a large veterinary reference laboratory taught her the importance of providing exceptional service and going the extra mile for clients. Vivianne prides herself on hard work and has a passion for animals.

An only child, Vivianne often looked to her pets as "surrogate" brothers and sisters. She grew up with dogs, cats, horses, ducks, rabbits, sheep and a variety of other animals. By far, her favorite pet of all time is Bega, a black sheep that thought she was a dog. Vivianne knows and understands the pain the loss of a beloved pet can cause. She is the first to say that animals are not simply pets but members of a family.

Vivianne has proudly owned Peaceful Paws Pet Cremation and Memorials since 2005. Peaceful Paws has become one the largest and most respected pet crematories in the country. Vivianne also serves on the Standards and Definitions committee of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance.

Vivianne and Sarit are the proud parents of a son, Kiran. Their pet family includes Olivia, a Brussels Griffon; and Little, a black cat. In their free time, Sarit and Vivianne enjoy traveling, photography, movies, home improvement and spending time with friends and family.